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Finding College Halloween Costume Ideas

A Halloween party is one in which the focus is on the costumes that the party goers have come dressed in. It is a matter of honor for a person to dress up in a costume that is scary and at the same time is unique. However, finding such costume ideas is not that easy. The following are some ideas for Halloween costumes that are new and a little different from the tried and tested ones.

Take Inspiration from Internet Memes

A great trend nowadays is to dress up to a Halloween party in the costume of an internet meme. These memes are getting very popular among the internet and people are going to indentify you in it pretty quickly and there is a very low chance that anyone else would be wearing such a costume.

Comic Book Heroes That Have Long been Forgotten

Most people go for the Batman and Superman outfits when it comes to wearing superhero or comic book hero costumes, however, you have to admit that there is no creativity involved in them. Dressing up as a comic book hero such as Halk Kar or Swamp Thing that have been discontinued for a while now is surely going to get you noticed in the crowd.

The Younger Version of Yourself

A unique idea of a Halloween costume would be to dress up as a younger you. For instance, you can dress up the way you did when you were in high school or if you want to truly turn heads, then dress in clothes that you wore when you were in kindergarten or when you were a baby.

Darth Wader in a Sexy Outfit

The Darth Wader mask is an evergreen Halloween costume component that will never grow old. However, mixing it up with a sexy outfit can make it all the more unique and worth noticing.

Reality Show Celebrities in Future

Reality show celebrities are followed by people enthusiastically since they have so many scandals related to them. Dressing up as them to a Halloween party is a nice idea, but an even better one is to dress up as how they would look in the years to come when they grow old.

Inspired by Lego

Making a costume out of plastic tidbits of Lego can also be a sound college Halloween costume idea. You can get creative with it too by going online and searching for blueprints that have been uploaded by people regarding masks that can be made using Lego boxes.

Lego Man

If creating a Lego inspired costume is difficult for you then going as a Lego Man itself is a very great idea. You will have to simply make out the outfit of a Lego Man using cardboard boxes and old pipes, which would not be that difficult to obtain.

8-Bit Version of a Celebrity

Using pictures of celebrities or even yourself that have been pixilated so that they look as if the image is loading is a great idea for a Halloween costume as well.

Doctor Seuss Character

Dressing up as a Dr. Seuss character is another unique idea that no one might have tried at your campus. Give it a go, but be sure to come up with all the necessary items that are required for pulling off the look of the character convincingly as the party.

A Zipped Face

A zipped face is a very unique idea for a Halloween costume. It requires a little bit of effort on your part, as you will have to produce a zipper from an old pair of jeans of yours and paint your unzipped face with nail polish and plastic adhesives to give the costume the desired dreadful look.

Group Costumes

If finding an individual costume for the Halloween party is proving too difficult for you, then it is best that you go as a group. There are a number of ideas available to you if you choose this road.

Black and White Theme

Another excellent and rather cheap Halloween costume idea is to dress up in monochrome clothing that is black and white. Be sure to apply makeup on your face, too so that it looks just as white or black as your costume.

Frame Yourself

Dressing up as a frame is also one of the unique ideas that you can experiment with at your next Halloween costume party. However, you will have to be strong enough o support the frame throughout the night.

Don’t Dress Up At All

If you have got no time at all to buy or create a Halloween costume, then you don’t have to worry. Simply take a white t-shirt and paint on it using black marker “Error 404 – Costume not Found”. Even though it is not very creative, it will still be considered a costume.

Gingerbread Man

If you are a fan of the gingerbread man and have the necessary looks for the dress, such as red hair, then you can tie some bread around your neck and waist and go to the party as a gingerbread man too.