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Finding a Good College Dating Blog

Blogs containing dating advice for college students are not that common. Moreover, college students also try to distance themselves from dating since they find it hard to maintain a relationship while being in college. However, the following blogs are among the best ones that can offer great advice to the college students who have dating issues.

Get Relationship Advice and More from Her Campus

Her Campus is a blog that has been dedicated to helping high school students in finding their way into college life. The blog provides advice to the students on many levels, starting from choosing their college to relationship and dating advice. The best thing about the blog is that it is as entertaining as it is informational.

Learn how to Date Through College Candy

College Candy is all about providing dating advice to the novices. The blog features posts that provide students the chance to know how they should interact with other students on their campus and start building a bond with the person they like most. You are also going to find excellent tips on how to overcome your shyness and approach the girl or boy you are interested in knowing and beginning a romantic relationship with.

Find Ways to Impress Your Crush Using Advice from College Crush

Having a crush is not something that is associated with high school only. College students can also have a crush on their fellow students. If you are in such a situation, then College Crush is the website for you. This blog will cater to all your needs regarding how to impress your crush and ask him/her out to a date with you.

Get the Courage to Date from You Can Get the Girl

Most college students don’t have the courage to date since they fear that they might not be able to cope with the demands of the relationship and would end up ruining their college years. For such students, you can get the girl is a beacon of hope. It provides students courage to begin dating and advice about how to navigate the stressful waters that come after you begin a relationship.

Learn the Tricks of Dating Through College Gloss

College Gloss is not only known for offering dating advice to the students, but also provides them guidance in other areas of college life as well. You can find tips about how to schedule your classes and find time for your significant other while managing your studies on this website. Moreover, you are also likely to gain information about internships and other college related topics from this blog as well.

Find Your Date with College Passions

College Passion is a type of match maker website that provides college students the chance to meet up with other students who share their ideas and interests. The website is open for college students only, therefore you don’t have to worry about whether the person you are talking to understands your situation or not. Besides finding a date, you can make a lot of nice friends through this website.

Increase Your Dating Knowledge with Help from Dating Advice

Dating Advice is the most helpful and genuine of all the websites that offer tips about dating to the students. The website provides students with articles and studies that have been made regarding college dating, and on the basis of these studies offers them advice about the route they should take when building a relationship.