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Finding Cheap Textbooks

The prices of textbooks have become quite high in the past few years due to the rising cost of paper. Moreover, most of the times, the textbooks have to be used by the student for a short while only after which they have to be discarded. This is why many students have stopped buying brand new textbooks and are looking for way to find cheap books instead so that they can save the extra money spent on them.

Rent the Textbooks You Need

Renting the books is a new tradition that has emerged among the college students. This concept has gained popularity among the students and several small websites have started loaning the books to students for a very nominal price. Seeing the popularity of this method, many book giants have started offering the students the same facilities.

Go For an Older Edition

Most of the textbooks that are included in the course outline of a subject have multiple editions available in the market. Every now and then companies issue a new edition of the book without making many changes to the original book. Despite this, the cost of a newer edition is much higher than an older edition. So, if your professor grants you the permission to buy a slightly older edition of the book then you can save a lot of money.

Used Books Can Do the Job As Well

Used books in good condition can serve just as fine as new ones. You just have to look for them on the internet or ask the seniors if they have the book that your require for your coursework. Used books that are in not a good condition are available for even lower prices, and if you can make do with them then you can end up saving a good deal of money that would otherwise have been spent on buying new books.

Look for Electronic Versions of Your Textbooks

E-books or Electronic Books are available at a cheaper price than the paperback ones. Since they are not printed on paper, you can buy them for a fraction of a price than their traditional counterparts. So, if you won a computer and can study with an e-book then you must look for an electronic version of your textbook on the internet. However, do keep in mind that e-books do not have a good resale value.

Get an International Edition of the Book You Need

International editions of a book are again cheaper in comparison to the local editions. Even though the content in both of them is the same, the printing paper used is different and the quality is a little low as well. If you can bear with these slight issues, than international editions of the books you are in need can prove to be quite cheap for you. However, you would have to factor in the shipment cost of these books as they will not be available locally.

Visit Your Local Thrift Store

When looking for old books, visiting a local thrift shop can prove to be quite useful. You would be surprised to find the number of old books that you can find in these shops and that too for a very low price.

Buy Your Textbooks Online

Online buying of books has made it a lot simpler for students to get their hands on their textbooks for a much lesser price. All the books bought online come for a cheaper price since they do not have to be housed in bookstores and don’t have inventory cost added to their price.

Watch Out For Shipment Cost When Buying Online Books

It is necessary to factor in the shipment cost when buying a book online. It might come for a lower price, but you would have to pay the shipment cost for the book which could be significant.

Search for Used Books Online

Used books are available online as well on website like Craigslist. The best time to look for such books is after the end of a semester when most students try selling their books on Craigslist.

Don’t Buy the Book if You Don’t Need It

If you are sure that the textbook your teacher has asked you to buy won’t be required much during the course of the semester, then you can always choose not to buy it altogether. However, take advice of the seniors and your course teacher before making this choice.