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The Starting and the Finale

The beginning of an essay is important because most of the time the first impression is the last impression and you need to make it right. In order to make your academic writing persuasive you should follow these tips.

The Beginning

The first paragraph is where your need to make the most effort to get the attention of your reader. If he is not interested in what you are trying to say in the first few lines, he would hardly read what is to follow.

Brandi Reissenweber, in her book has pointed out the same thing by comparing the reader to a traveler and your essay to an inn, and has said that the reader is looking for somewhere exceptional to stay; otherwise he has plenty of options up his sleeve.

The following are few ways to keep the attention of the reader.

Expose your emotions: In this method you make yourself appear weak to the reader; allow him to know your emotions. This is something which is different and will work to retain your audience.

Spin Humor: Before beginning your essay you must know for whom you are writing for. In this way you can find a link to your audience, and can know their emotions and feelings. Now, you can simply include humorous trappings in the beginning of your essay to keep them hooked.

Initiate by Questions: Another way of keeping audiences hooked is by posing questions, answers to which are given in your essay. Questions always work because they make us inquisitive and wanting to learn more.

The End

The ending of the essay is almost as important as the beginning, if not more. The start is all about keeping the audience, while the ending is about making sure that the reader is satisfied with your conclusion. For this purpose it is essential that the conclusions drawn at the end are all well presented in the essay. The following are some ideas you can use to make sure that your audience feels your essay provides resolution and closure.

A Surprise Ending: There should be nothing new at the end of the essay, but the ending should have some shock value. The conclusion drawn should have already been presented, but in the final section present it with some amazing wording to make it sound awesome. This will leave your audience contented and happy.

Similar to the Beginning: Another way of resolving your essay neatly is to finish from where you had begun. This does not mean that both your first and last paragraphs are same, but that they should contain the same idea.

Summarize: Summarizing is the most standard way of finishing an essay and therefore should be used sparingly, only when you are not getting a better inspiration or note to finish off things. The main reason why it should not be used much is that the method is absolutely monotonous.