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Help to Write Your Post-Graduate Resume

So you’ve made it through college with flying colors but now you have the difficult task of finding employment and for that you need to write a resume. Preparing your first post graduate resume may strike you with writer’s block even though the last several years you’ve been writing papers all along. However, writing about yourself is different and can prove difficult. Luckily, there are a ton of great resources out there to help you in the process. Here are nine websites that provide resume and career help.

Yale Undergraduate Career Services

Even if you didn’t go to any Ivy League school, you can produce a resume with the help of Yale Undergraduate Career Services that looks like you did. This website is an incredible resource filled with tips from acing interviews to creating your resume and everything in between. With videos, workshops, and tips on formatting, Yale Undergraduate Career Services can assist you in writing an incredible resume that will get results. For the most part, their resume writing tips are focused on formatting guidelines and the best way to organize your information.

Website Tip: Create your website in a fashion where it can be read across all platforms such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Executives who are reading your resume may access their e-mails using any of these methods.

Grad to Great

Recent grads can find advice on resume writing at the Grad to Great website even if they don’t know where to begin. The top three resume styles are offered as sample templates you can download and adjust to your own style. In addition, they provide a ton of networking and employment resources. You can follow Grad to Great on Twitter for daily advice.

Website Tip: Use a basic resume style that features a professional approach with plenty of white space and concrete facts about your achievements.


Monster is the number one job networking website. They provide more than just national job listings however, they also have numerous helpful tutorials and articles for recent grads and those who have been job hunting for years.

Website Tip: If you are just coming out of college, try something different than the traditional chronological format for your resume. Use a modern format that highlights your civic, community, and academic achievements if you don’t have a lot of real world job experience yet.

College Grad

The College Grad website looks fairly simplistic, but don’t let its basic style fool you. This website has plenty of substance from resume samples you can download and customize to free resume wizards to help you craft your resume. In addition, they offer tips specific to creating more creative resumes such as a video resume for graduates searching for a creative arts position or who just want to be more of an individual.

Website Tip: It can be easier to write your resume if you focus on selling yourself like you would a product.

College Central

College Central works to connect employers looking to hire with college graduates. Additionally, they provide resume writing content and networking content. Also, they have tips to help you get a promotion and make the most of your job once you land it.

Website Tip: From the minute you begin an interview, work on building relationships with potential bosses and co-workers. If you act like you are already at home at the potential job, your interviewer will be more able to visualize you working there.


Resume-Help is another basic looking website. This clean and simple website provides templates, tips, and samples on formatting that can help you to write a powerful resume in any field.

Website Tip: Instead of mentioning that you were a manager, mention specific details about your accomplishments such as how many people you managed or company revenue during that period.


IMDiversity focuses on recent graduates and diversity and offers a way for employers and candidates to connect. It is an especially helpful website for students who focused heavily on their academics and do not have the employment experience they perceive that they need.

Website Tip: If you don’t have a lot of real world job experience, highlight your committee experience, volunteer work, and other civic or social duties to display your abilities and experience when writing your resume.

New Grad Life

New Grad Life is a mass of information about everything recent graduates would like to know about entering the job market, self promotion, and acing the interview. They offer some job postings, but not as varied as other websites specifically focused on jobs. However, their resume help focuses on modern ways to market yourself such as using an online resume.

Website Tip: Use your personal blog, file sharing systems, RSS Feeds, and other web applications when setting up your online portfolio or resume to show what you can do over numerous platforms.


The Experience website is about building the experience you need to get the job you want. This website covers initial resume building, skills for the interview, and tips on continuing education and internships.

Website Tip: Although some creativity is important, don’t give potential employers too much. Portfolios and resumes should be clean and streamlined to make the greatest impact.