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Students are usually resourceful people. They frequently try to avoid completing assignments on their own and strive to find people who write essays for them. In this case they save time and energy on more important things and leisure activities. Nowadays more and more students, instead of writing the work by themselves, choose the simpler option. They stick to buying works from different custom writing companies which offer their services in the Internet, because this is quite beneficial for many reasons.

Firstly, the student saves a lot of time. He/she does not have to reread dozens of books in order to find the necessary information. Moreover, there is no need to go to the library and spend long hours there. When a student orders a work, an experienced writer will do it for him/her. Furthermore, the result of the research will be more successful than if a student did it on his/her own.

Secondly, the students often make a decision to order of a work due to the fact that some of them are combining their work with studying. So, a young person has to choose between work which ensures professional growth or successful career and completing the assignment which is simple transferring of the knowledge in writing. If a person can earn money, then why to waste time in vain? Even taking into account that the order costs money, as a rule, it takes too long to write by yourself.

Finally, teachers estimate a work done by a professional much higher than the work written by students themselves. It is a paradoxical situation in which a person spends a lot of time and effort on writing and then receives a very low evaluation. It often happens due to the fact that teachers have been accustomed that students submit high quality works. Considering this, teachers no longer evaluate considerable efforts of their students in case they were not successfully reflected in writing.

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