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Research essay

Research essay is the expression of your own opinion on the problem based on the ideas of other researchers on the topic. In other words, when writing an essay, the author analyzes material on the chosen topic in different sources, and tries to create own attitude to the problem through the received ideas. The main key-point of this kind of the paper is to show the new, distinguished view of the problem and at the same time show, that there is a research background in the topic.

Choose the right topic

There are some tips, which could be useful when one starts working on research. First of all, it is necessary to choose the “right” topic of the research. The main problem should be interesting for the writer. In the other case, one may fail in the research, as it will be boring to discover facts about the problem, which does not excite. The second rule is that it is necessary to work out your own position in the researched field. The better way to make your creation interesting is to work out the undiscovered attitude to the subject, to open its new side.

Style of writing matters!

Beyond the content of the research, it is very important to pay attention to the style of writing. Never use long phrases. It is always difficult to acquire information, when the reader forgets the beginning of the sentence at its end. Do not use too many names and numbers: it is impossible to remember all of them for the reader. Never repeat other’s ideas without references. At the same time do not use too many quotations. It is always better process the information and to express the core of the subject. The language of the writing should not contain words used in novels. But at the same time it should not be too heavy with technical terms.

Divide your essay into logical parts

The last important tip concerns the structure of the composition. Its first part is introduction. It is the paragraph where the writer presents the topic and describes the issues the author is going to analyze in your research. The introduction is followed by the theoretical resolution of the task put in the introduction. Sometimes the central part of the writing may contain the review of theoretical research, made by the author. In the central part the writer explains his point of view on the researched problem, the author and gives theoretical grounds for your explanation. The last part of the research essay is the conclusion, which contains final output of your research. In conclusion, it is important to persuade completely your reader that your point of view on the problem worth sharing.

The last advice for the researchers is to be always aware of the explorations, made in the field of your interest. Conferences, publications, meetings and other events on your topic should always be within of your eyesight.