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There are hundreds of cheap or even free papers online. On the web you can easily find assessments in chemistry, biology, English or literature and download them without any significant losses of time and energy. However, when it comes to academic papers, you should bear in mind the notion of plagiarism. If you copy paste an assignment online, there is not a single chance that anti-plagiarism software tools will not detect your work as a plagiaristic one.

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When it comes to commercial assignments, the situation is somehow different. As they are not in the open access, it is unlikely that software tools will detect them as plagiaristic ones. However, if other students have already brought the same papers before, you are still running the risks of being accused in plagiarism, especially taking in to account the fact that many present-day apps check local databases as well. Unfortunately, not all write my essay for me sites can be trusted and many of them simply sell you ready-made assignments.

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